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Fiction :: An Art & Music Happening :: Fr. Jan. 15

January 9, 2010
We proudly invite you to a magnificent one-night only event, in a beautiful candle lit environment where you’ll encounter a quality assortment of film, art, music, people, drinks and more…

Creatives of all kinds: Let’s meet, experience, converse, drink, dance and play!
friday the 15th of January from 8PM @ Skizum Studios Berlin :: Wühlischstr. 12, F-hain :: entrance 3€

“the encounter: series is a traveling, independent venue for interaction between artists and a presentation of their work emphasizing independently produced material.  We aim to provide an alternative, friendlier mode of exposure and distribution for creatives of all disciplines – locally and online”.

2000 doors open
2100 der kleiner ensemble presents
“La jetée” – upstairs

In the Groove-a-torium – downstairs
fredrik blomqvist
sandra kolstad video premiere and live performance
2330 treasure factory – dance & music performance
dj skizum
0230 super special guest dj
0500 dj jouka

*”La jetée”, Chris marker’s awesome play with stills fom the sixties, is re-scored live in the lounge cinema by Jason Arsenault(CN), Bastian Stein(DE) and Dorthe Slej Pederson(DK)+.
*The film program features the world premiere of  Sandra Kolstads first official music video, “When I Wake” – a collaborative animation project by tatr prod.
*Also, renowned rock photographer Jennifer Eberhardt(DE) presents her new animation project.
*Throughout the evening our comfy lounge cinema screens a number of different shorts including works by Jonas Berlin(DK), Emil Falke(DK), Harald Fröysa(NO) and Karl Edvin Endresen(NO), Andreas Othell(DK, Maria Van Veen Aas (NO), Elisabeth Höiberg(NO), Nina Maria Küchler (DE), Kaia Kjos-Kendall (NO/US), Daniel Oslo (NO/IN), Joni Männikkö (SE/FIN) +

Nina Hove(NO) presents 3 versions of “three minutes in somebody’s life” [Photography, video and print]
Jennifer Eberhardt(DE) “birds and superheroes” [Photography]

Sandra Kolstad(NO) and her friends do a set around the launch of new music video music video.
Frederik Blomqvist(SE), Holme Thorstensen(SE), a double base (SE) and a guitar (SE) make their way down through a frozen northern Europe for the evening…and, of course, DJ Skizum + a secret SURPRISE, world famous, special guest dj will keep us a’dancing all night!!
A special note regarding our special guest: We´ve been sworn to secrecy because of certain issues regarding booking exclusivity and so on but I can tell you this, if you dig extremely well composed deep techy grooves with just the right touch of quirky cleverness then you´ll be more than satisfied with this performance…

Until then check our facebook event for updates

– scottie b & tatr

“Introducing…” Art Salon Series :: Part 2 Sunday May 3 @ 19.30

April 29, 2009

“Introducing…”, is an art salon style evening where 2 artists, designers or just clever and active individuals introduce themselves via their creative activities. Each presenter determines the format for their presentation utilizing the beamer, computer slide projector and sound system here at Skizum Studios Berlin. MAP

The evening will start at 19.30 and run until 22.30 with a half hour break inbetween presentations. Entrance is free and there will be drinks available with smoking outside the studio only please. Part 2 of this series will be curated by John howland (Austrailia) and Abe Pazos (Spain):

John Howland’s artwork ranges across a number of disiplines, including traditional media, photography, digital media installation, public artwork, and most recently interactive digital projections.
John is currently exhibiting ‘Agony/Ecstasy’, a public artwork for the Melbourne City Council as part of their laneways commissions 2008 link1 link2, other recent artworks include: UCICU for EXPERIMENTA, ‘Sketches for the Probabilty of being, parts I to III’ at the Gertrude digital media festival 2008, and ‘98 percent water’ exhibited with hOur factory’s Unwrapped exhibition 2008.
John worked in Australia for the late Geoffrey Mance as a leading designer for 5 years and also for the subsequent Mance Designcreating custom luminaires for a broad range of Australian and international clients.
John offers a range of personalised design services including custom lighting design, and can also facilate the manufacturing ofyour work with such services as laser cutting file preparation, 3D modelling and visualisation, engineering, and photographic documentaion amongst others.

Abe Pazos is a creative software developer interested in technology, society, art and nature. Abe likes to experiment with ideas and media, and does not consider himself an artist. He will be presenting some of his ideas, objects, photography, video and music. Links to some of his creations can be found at his homepage

Part 3 features myself, Scottie B, and is scheduled to take place on Saturday May 16. This event will also feature a Party in conjunction with our neighbors and take place in all 450qm of our combined spaces If you would like to present your work at future events, please contact us at

Z-day :: Sun 15.03.09 @ 19:00 :: Film Screening :: Discussion + Soiree

March 4, 2009

Join us for an evening of intense introspective at Skizum Studios as we screen the International Z-Day Event digital slide Presentation and/or 2 important films, “Zeitgeist” and it’s “Addendum” by Peter Joseph, whose goal is to trigger an unprecedented global awareness of a new possibility for humanity.  You can vote on program below…

Click Image For Film Info

Click Image For Film Info

Fluid social change can only materialize if two circumstances are met. One, the human value system, which consists of our understandings and beliefs, must be updated and changed through education and thoughtful introspection. Two, the environment surrounding that value system must change to support the new world view. The interaction between a person’s value system and their environment is what influences human behavior.

For example, in our culture, “ethics” is really is a matter of degree, for our social system promotes and rewards competition and self-interest. This perspective doesn’t just “lead” to aberrant behavior… it creates it directly. Corruption is the norm in our society and most people do not see this, for since the society supports this behavior, it is considered right and normal… or as a matter of degree.

After and between the screenings and performance, we invite you to discuss related content, enjoy a beer or wine, some snacks and music.  If you are interested in getting involved in some related projects here at Skizum check out the project links for the Universal Humane Needs Assessment project and the Potential Renaissance project.  In case you are interested in something a bit more political, have fun getting into the edgy My America Too project.

Event Schedule:

Program A
• 19:00 – 21:00 Z-day digital slide show presentation
• 21:00 – discussion and soiree
• 22:00 – Live Performance (work in progress) : Scenes From An Apocalypitic Clown Cabaret featuring Ve Magni accompanied by Michael Gebhart
(people can still watch “Zeitgeist” and “Addendum” in another room on a computer screen)
OR if people want to just watch the films…

Program B
• 19:00 – Zeitgeist screening
• 21:30 – Live Performance (work in progress) : Scenes From An Apocalypitic Clown Cabaret featuring Ve Magni accompanied by Michael Gebhart
• 22:00 – Addendum screening
• 24:00 – discussion and soiree

RSVP to vote on which program you prefer in the comment section of the event blog or by email to: scottie.b.skizum(at)gmail(dot)com

Scottie b