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MISSION :: 31.12.09 :: Silvester Extravaganza

December 13, 2009

Doors open at 21.00 – 10euro – live acts start at 22:00 – food and drinks avail. MAP

Celebrating the new year is only time when the vast majority of the people on the planet actually have the opportunity to share a common experience with joy and hope.  Gathering together in a euphoric and stimulating environment just seems to be the right thing to do when so many dreams and desires are blooming, busting and booming in the air.  In pursuit of that spirit, I’m happy to announce ‘MISSION’; a soiree worthy of the task…

The Mission for new year’s eve:

Bring together a house full of clever and interesting people in an authentically conscious, groovy and euphoric environment that stimulates all of our senses to engage in creating an inspiring evening truly worthy of remembering on this special occasion.

Some of The Missionaries: (We’re all working together create a real ‘family style’ groovy vibe.)

Internationally famous performing and recording artist/dj/pianist Kelvin Sholar, a special message from Kelvin:

“Ill be doing a set for New Year’s that is very special because it will feature music that I really love, from Electric Miles to Detroit Techno to originals off of my upcoming record (shhhhhh… still a secret). I’ll be Djing from my laptop, with my Mashine Drum unit, and my Novation X-station too. You know how I do, it will be spontaneous and so fresh that you’ll not be able to tell whether it’s live or Memorex. Now, for those who missed my set at Club Tausend, Badeschiff and Raw Temple and complained because you heard about it- you now have no excuse not to show up and show us how funky you can get. My set is from 2am until… I stop. C’mon, inspire me, I dare ya!”

“Groove-a-torium” (downstairs) Performance Schedule:
22.00 – Sandra Kolstad – piano and vocals to make you fall in a dreamy state of love
22.45 – Treasure Factory – an otherworldly improvised dance and music project by Meyrick Kaminski and Miriam Welk.
23.15 – The Gecko‘ – guitar driven hard hitting high energy power pop duo
00.15 – dj skizum – a funky and groovy mash up to make you get down
02.00 – Kelvin Sholar

“Temple of Winter Electro Jives” (upstairs) – all night rotation from 10.00 until 6.00 featuring
dj jouka, jochen otto, matthias chmiel plus some special guests spinning everything from techno/electro to break beats/house and beyond…

Participating visual artists: Mojo 2000, Abe Pazos, Dorthe Pederson, Daniel Oslo, Jennifer Eberhardt, Li Xuxa, Karen Wohlert, Incognegro, Vanessa Morris, Thomas Paalson, Ray Cross (Peripheral Media Projects) +

Your Mission:

RSVP to the special email invite you have received or to, use the invite format to pass along the word to your most clever friends so that everyone’s name appears on the guest list to get in.  Bring yourself and your most clever friends dressed as the Missionary that you are or want to be.  The bar is fully stocked and the waffle iron will be hot…

In The Meantime…


Scottie b

p.s. some nice shots form the last event… (thanks to Dan from tatr productions for the really cool 3-d models of skizum studios!)

“Introducing…” Part 3 :: Art Salon :: Party :: Interesting Concepts :: Saturday May 16 :: 21.00

May 14, 2009

Introducing…”, is an art salon style evening where artists, designers or just clever and active individuals introduce themselves via their creative activities. Each presenter determines the format for their presentation utilizing the beamer, computer slide projector and sound system here at Skizum Studios Berlin. MAP

Photo By John Howland

Photo By John Howland

I figured my birthday would be the perfect day to host an art salon featuring myself and have a groovy party with all my interesting friends….  This evening we are collaborating with our neighbors to host the event in the Whatever gallery and Lounge, Qrazy Ling’s Restaurant and our underground Groovatorium here at Skizum Studios. There’s a whole lot going on this evening:

Presentation @ 21.00
My presentation is titled ‘Where I’m Coming From’.  I plan on taking you on a time compressed journey that will lead to where I’m at and where I’m going and why this may be of interest to you…

Party @ 22.30
Live – Funk, Rare Grooves, Brazilian Samba-esque vibes from Giovanni Sacchetti and Leonardo Barreto with special guest Nick Reddel

Djs – groovy tunes all night with Michael Gardiner (uk), Incognegro (nyc/berlin) and Johanna Rörby (sweeden/berlin) + special guests

All Night Long…

• Documentary Film Shoot: Maurice Wilkerling is making a documentary film on Skizum Studios Berlin.  He and his film team  will be  on site filming the presentation, the party and making interviews with some of you!

• Potential Renaissance Contest: Use the Concept Catalyzer text animation to come up with ideas and concepts that can lead to inspiring a new renaissance.  Ideas and concepts can be submitted in any format starting Satuday May 16 until June 15th.  The 4 best entries will be invited to  present their ideas at an upcoming “Introducing…” art salon & soiree.

Special prices on drinks and food all night… 2€ beers and cheap tasty snacks


Scottie b