Skizum Founder – A Brief Background

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Born in 1968, I grew up in a tri-racial (Black, Native American, White) upwardly mobile family in the industrial Midwest; evolving from the inner city ghetto of Buffalo, NY to the upper middle class suburbs of Detroit, MI with 7 stops in between. I earned degrees in engineering and art from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and moved on to work for a well respected design consultancy in New York City in 1993. During my early professional years, I was involved in many innovative and inventive projects within the fields of product, furniture, interior, graphic, and content design. By 1997, I was involved in event conceptualization and production. In 2002, I set up my European center of operations in Berlin, Germany. I now travel between my bases in the US and Europe collaborating on various projects and events.

This wide ranging experience has enabled me with a uniquely broad perspective from which to objectively observe, analyze, innovate and problem solve. My endeavors range from project/product strategic concept development through production/manufacture to implementation & marketing across a wide variety of professional disciplines. In plain language; I help create, develop and implement win-win scenarios based on sound ideas.

Project Links:

The Universal Humane Needs Assessment – is my latest attempt to synthesize a project plan to understand the basis of living humanely to create a balanced and sustainable future for mankind.

My America Too – a political initiative to inspire an informed and active citizenry

Iraq Apology – an initiative allowing participants to begin to make amends

Potential Renaissance – a social concept catalyzer animation (it takes 15 seconds to start)

Skizum Archive – product, interior and furniture design + events + photography + art

Music – streaming dj set 1, streaming dj set 2, clips from live improv performance


3 Responses to “Skizum Founder – A Brief Background”

  1. A New Batch of Cookies « Skizum Studios Berlin Says:

    […] but still there is group of newbies that moved into the apartment over the past couple of weeks.  Check out our new crew’s profiles and see what clever things they are up to…  Stay tuned for our spring line up events and […]

  2. Me Says:

    on’t whether you are on vacation. Have you seen, that some fuckinidiot had thrown a stone into window? stupid idiots!

  3. mareike kroschel Says:

    hello scott,
    i cannot find the contacts you gave me. so i writte u here.
    hope to here some thing or to meet.

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