House Photos


Skizum Studios Berlin

MAP OF HOUSE LOCATION @ Gerichtstraße 23

The Old Location….

:: The Red Room :: link to video walk through ::

red room 2

red room 1

:: The White Room :: link to video walk through ::

white room wide angle

white room annex

white room

:: The Back Room :: link to video walk through ::


:: The Living Room :: link to video walk through ::

living room 2

living room 1

:: link to walk from Living Room to Kitchen ::

:: The Cellar :: links to actual cellar pics at bottom of event posting ::


4 Responses to “House Photos”

  1. Dan V-E Says:

    Hey, My steps are still working!!! woohoo!
    I’ll be back in Berlin May 5 and looking for a place to stay- but can only afford 200euro/month so sorry,skizum but your too high-class for me.

  2. samantha monroe Says:

    I am leaving for berlin september 08, will you have a space available then and do you allow other pets to come? I have a VERY docile Tibetan cat. I am very able to pay the rent no problem. you can look me up on couch surfing to see what others think of me its samantha monroe
    hope to hear from you soon

  3. Jacqui Kuraj Says:

    Hi Scottie B.
    Wie gehts dir?

    I have two young friends
    (experimental musicians, vj’s dj’s)
    from Brazil (Florianópolis,) a couple in their mid 20’s, who are coming to Europe on tour,
    and will be performing in Berlin.

    They are looking for an über affordable place
    to live for three weeks in November.

    I can link you up to them via facebook or SKYPE.

    The name of their band is Kollwitz.
    Here is their email address:

    Bis dan, Jacqui Kuraj

  4. Kevin Gold/finger/ Says:

    Me likey sketchup!

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