House Maintenance

This page contains information about how the house is maintained.

In general, the idea is to keep the house clean at all times with everyone participating in the process. When the house is clean, it eliminates one possible source of common tension between flat mates. Personally, I try to leave a room a bit cleaner than when I entered it, that way I know I’m doing something to help my fellow room mates and myself out by creating a comfortable environment.

We manage our share of the housework by posting a list of all the house duties that need to be done from sweeping, mopping, taking garbage out to watering the plants. Every time you do a chore, you mark your initial in the box to the right of the chore. This way everyone can see who is doing what and how many times they have done it. The idea is to have house members self monitor the balance of work using a transparent honor system. This system represents a way to eliminate the question of balanced participation in maintaining the house. Copies of this list can be found on top of the refrigerator or by downloading the file berlin chore list.png.

berlin chore list

More to follow on chores a bit later

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