skizum logo png Skizum Studios – Berlin, Germany. (house blog)
The goal of Skizum Studios Berlin Residence is to bring together active artists, designers, conceptualists, intellectuals, thinkers and doers who seek to create and live in a consciously humane, mutually supportive and balanced environment.

The creative roots of the “skizum” concept were formed by a group of interdisciplinary design students at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1990. Scottie B, one of the founders of the budding movement, moved to New York City in 1993 and continued to evolve and document the skizum concept including some of it’s experimental, social, commercial and private projects.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. kerri mullen Says:


    through random craigslisting, i found an ad for “the extra room” literary magazine, which brought me to your blog. this is crazy – i’ve been living in berlin for three months just a couple of blocks away (wühlischstr. 26). what exactly is the studio space? who is it for? is it a place to host events? i am so intrigued and happy to have found this – i am a writer and have recently been having many crises of the lonely life. i am going to visit the united states starting sunday, but will be back in mid september. if it’s possible for you to reply before then, please do! i’d love to get some incentive to come back before boarding a plane back into the berlin void…


  2. skizumberlin Says:

    kerri, feel free to stop by or give us a call at 030 290 43730 and we’ll have a nice chat.


    scottie b

  3. Nina Says:

    I just found you through the Zeitgeist site.
    What a great idea.

    I would love to come tonight but I have a baby who needs to sleep.
    I do live around the so I hope I can make it to something sometime during
    the day,

    I am excited to have found you,

  4. maki penessis Says:

    dear skizum,

    ineresting idea, check out my performance and let me know ..
    living with a crowd

    A performance by makis penessis


    I will be hosted for 61 days in 61 different houses.
    The project is running from April 1st to May 31 in the Berlin area.


    The content of the performance is exploring the meanings of loneliness and crowd.
    It is an investigation of the nature on human interaction.

    I will stay with 61 people,with a crowd… a crowd of selected and accidentally
    chosen people. That will be my crowd.
    At the same time I’m the host’s “crowd”. The crowd of the people we know, of the people we like or we hate, with whom we work together, who we just sit next to on the tube – we host one of them for one day.!!!!

    Every day another person. Not so much time to
    affect and get affected. Don’t you think?

    Suggested actions:
    Normal life.
    Preparing dinner, clubbing,
    sleeping, having sex, shaving my legs.
    Prepared actions:
    Filming, composing music, and performing. I m also part of the crowd for my crowd. This period
    is my everyday life.

    Performance video documentation:
    Recording with the means of the crowd: whatever means they are.
    Mini dv cameras, mpg cameras, web cameras, still photos.
    The format is not so important. The different formats show the
    diversity of the people.
    Lo fi material is also the main way the crowd keeps in contact with each other. Furthermore
    the main project is the performance and not the documentation of it.
    The recording of the persons is not nessecary.
    The project requires freedom of action.

    So do you want to host me for one day?

  5. HELGE Says:

    hello SKIZUM´s !
    please take my adress in your newsletter-list for
    upcoming events…

    thank you HELGE

  6. HELGE Says:


    thank you HELGE

  7. Desmond Shortt Says:

    Hi Scott,

    It is time for me to renew my health insurance.

    I have been recommended to change companies.

    The only decent insurance plan that I have heard about is the one that you found.

    Can you forward me anything about it?



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