Winter Warm Up Party :: 19.11 @ 21.00


Gerichtstr. 23 VH 3.OG

The cold set in,
but the sun shined bright.
Ahh autumn in Berlin,
what a warmish delight.
The people came together
on one special eve.
In a cozy salon room,
too nice to believe.
Revelers brought candles,
even flowers and wine.
The mood quickly grew
from better to superfine.
People started chatting,
going off on a trip.
The music ebbed and flowed
from groovy to hip.
The dancers started dancing
and the jivers did talk!
before everyone knew it,
it was after 4 o’clock.
As the sun slowly rose,
and the sky glowed red.
The warm vibe in the house
kept everyone from bed.
Great conversations were had,
a few romances did unfold.
It would be for many years to come,
that these stories would be told.
So if you’re feeling lucky,
and this story appeals to you.
Stop on by this Saturday,
and make some dreams come true.
Scottie b, Karen & Mitsuru


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