Skizum Salon I :: Virtual Canvas :: Sa 18.09 – 21Uhr


The Skizum Salon bi-monthly event series offers an engaging atmosphere and a stage for people with interesting ideas to present their work and get feedback from those in attendance…

“Virtual Canvas” is the first edition of our new series and features miAm, the lightwriting project of Michael Henckus and Marcus Bläsing.  The second part of the evening features you getting to know some of our other interesting guests while listening to the ground breaking album “Woob2”, an aural feast…  Feel free to bring whatever you would like to drink to our new location, Gerichtstr. 23 VH 3.OG li; doors open at 20.00 and the presentation starts at 21.00.

miAm :: Michael and Marcus gained experience working in various traditional photo studios and locations but were always interested in creating clever lighting scenarios to enhance their subjects.  Eventually, teamed up at an international light writing festival and didn’t stop exploring the infinite boundaries of long time exposure since.  Using several lightsources and colurfoiled stencils on different settings they create temporary light installations that can only be seen after exposure.   They also do live shows where the audience can witness the whole process of doing lightwriting together with a model.  for further information please visit:

Woob2 :: Six years ago, a friend of mine in New York turned me on to this album “Woob2″ by the UK artist Woob who also goes by the name Paul Frankland.  While listening to this album I was completely swept into a lush and expressive 3D sonic world full of pure emotional and psychological story telling without many words.  The closest thing I can compare this album to is “Darkside of the Moon” by Pink Floyd for it’s impecably produced uninterrupted flow of conscious thought except “Woob2″ could be more easily classified as a tribal type of sample based minimal electronica with hints of breakbeat influence.  This album was released only on cd in 1995 and has since become a collectors classic; if you can actually find one that is really for sale between 100 and 150 euro, count yourself lucky…


Scottie b

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