Skizum Salon :: Housewarming Party :: Sa 28.08


After being gentrified out of  our last place in F-hain, we found a new location and are finally settled in here in our groovy new building in Wedding.  To celebrate, we’re having a housewarming party on Saturday, August 28; the festivities start at 21.30.  Bring plenty of your favorite drinks and all your good vibes.  If you can’t make it out this weekend, don’t worry we’ll be hosting some “salon style” events every few weeks throughout the year.  Peace, Scottie b

MAP to Gerichtstr. 23 VH 3.OG links (note – the google map shows the location in the back of the building but we are in the front building on the street right across from Stattbad Wedding)  Take the east exit (farthest away from U-bahn Wedding), go left when you get to the bottom of the stairs and make your first right onto Gerichtstr..  The building is about 150m down on the left, it’s about a 3 minute walk from the train station.


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