“EXODUS” :: The Last Skizum Studios Event :: Sat May 15 @ 21.30


leading us out of the unsustainable wilderness…

“Exodus“…a celebratory event based on creating and perpetuating a socially sustainable future.

Saturday may 15 – doors open at 9:30
Skizum Studios – Wühlischstraße. 12 (f’hain) Eg Rechts

Rafael Dernbach
Scott Bolden
Vanessa Morris

Victoria Taylor
Ehrling White
Parris Dewhurst

Risiko Yamamoto

Li Xuxa Bolden

Sven Requard

Daniel Oslo

Jonni Maniko

Live Music
Dragonfly Duo

Damien Sahri
Martin Deutschmann
dj skizum

plus special guests

some catalysts for the artists inspiration :

a video text animation

understanding human needs


fundamentally speaking, the world is governed by the effects of human behavior.  human behavior can be thought of as being motivated by the fulfillment of the needs of individuals and groups as influenced by their experienced history.  it’s not nature vs nurture but, nature influenced by nurture.  humankind has invested a great deal of time and energy in deconstructing the effects of nurture without a clear understanding of nature.  isn’t it about time that we started to try to understand who we are and how we are motivated so that we can learn to come into balance with ourselves and each other?  the real question is, how do we get there?  lets at least start searching for the answers…


scottie b


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