Scrabble Night :: Do Okt 29, 20h :: English & Deutsch



Scrabble night is here!  We have 2 games, one in english and the other in german.  Bring whatever you want to drink and snack on.  Please RSVP, first games go to the first people that arrive… MAP

3 Responses to “Scrabble Night :: Do Okt 29, 20h :: English & Deutsch”

  1. Allan Says:

    Where can i find an english scrabble set in Berlin?


    • scottieb Says:

      allan, i’m not quite sure where to get an english game over here; i actually brought mine over from new york… but you are welcome to come over for a round or two, maybe i’ll post an invite on the blog and send out an email sometime in the upcoming weeks. it’s been a while since we have had a scrabble night because we have just finished settling into our groovy new space here in wedding.

      scottie b

  2. Allan Says:

    Hiya Scott! thanks for the reply and the offer. I will be in Berlin intermittently in the future – maybe for a month or so at a time. I will for sure, watch out for invites for games when I am in Berlin. Thanks again 🙂


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