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Gentrification Breakdown :: Party :: Sa Sept 19

September 16, 2009

Gentrification: The process kicking people out of inexpensive housing so it can be renovated and rented out for 2 times as much.

Well, it’s finally happen to us here at skizum studios…  We fought back and now we have the right to stay here until the end of May 2010.  Unfortunately, it cost 2300 euro to sort the situation out with lawyers, and it has to be paid by January…

From now until June 2010 things are going to get real active around here as we only have until then to use this space.  We’re going to start things out by having a party to celebrate the last seven years here, the next 8,5 months we still have here and all the clever experiences yet to come, wherever that may be…

Doors open at 22.00, first band starts at 23.00, 2 euro at the door, Wühlischstr. 12 EG & Keller – Fhain (MAP)

Bands + Performers + DJ

Patric Bower and The World Without Magic

pbower_tour_BERLIN copy

Patrick Bower is a songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. His band, which varies in size from two to six members, plays a moody yet playful kind of psychadelic folk inspired by the likes of Scott Walker, Leonard Cohen and Syd Barret. The music is melodic and lyrical and relies on Bower’s strong, soulful vocals and dark, evocative imagery.

Myspace: Web: VIDEO: VoxPop Interview:

Little Birdie Country/rock/folk/good old fashioned corn whisky music, that’s us…

Dragonfly – Melodic Blues / Soul
Johanna Rörby – Experimental Electronic
DJ Skizum – Lounge Grooves and Funky Jives
a nice set from Bar Tausend
+ Cosmopolitan drink special all night long

Friday 9/11 :: Looking Back & Moving Forward….

September 6, 2009

a social salon and soiree with an intellectual catalyst…


from the "Diminished" Series depicting the World Trade Center as a secondary element of the photo

Hey all, every year around this time I get to thinking about the events of September 11, 2001 and how they have impacted the world, my life and that of those around me.  Having witnessed the event in person, I have thought quite a bit about how I perceive the world and our relationships to each other in it.  For me, this process inspired me to investigate and act on some of my practical conclusions and now I’m interested in sharing those and hearing about what other folks have come up with…  Here are couple of my projects I have initiated since 9/11:

My America Too – a political initiative
Universal Humane Needs Assessment – a social sustainability project

This social salon is meant to offer it’s participants a chance to reflect and share their experiences from then until now, exchange ideas for creating solutions and just plain hanging out.  I will start the evening out with a brief (20 min) opening statement with a slide show of a photographic series called “Diminished” and then pretty much throw the floor open to discussion(s).  I imagine after about an hour or so of intense talking the evening will morph into a soiree, a celebration of life.  Feel free to bring your own drinks or purchase them from the spätkauf just 60 meters away from the event location at Skizum Studios (Wühlischstr. 12 EG Rechts) in Friedrichshain (MAP).  We only ask for a 1 euro donation from all participants to support the event space.

Date: Friday 9/11
Doors open at 8:30pm
Opening Statement at 9:11pm
Soiree at 10:30

Please RSVP below