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February 16, 2009

Hello everyone. As you may have heard, we also share our flat with a small, rather silly pink-nosed kitten named Nurbps. I wanted to share some photos of her cute (but rare) quiet moments.

(yes, i know i am a dork. but i ❤ kittens!)

Here’s to you, Nurbps.

xo, The Ve

Midnight Poetry 1 Year Anniversary Event and Party :: Coffee Karma – F’hain :: Freitag 13/02/09 @ 23.00 :: Free

February 11, 2009

Location: Sonntagstraße 30 :: S-bahn Ostkreuz

click image for link to M.P. site info in english and german

click image for link to M.P. site info in English and German

Please feel welcome to join us for an engaging evening of provocative prose, tantalizing talk, intelligent insight, delicious drinks, a sexy soiree and a mellifluously mixed music mash up.  I’ll be performing some poetry as well as spinning a healthy dose of groovy tunes ranging from break beats and funk to classic rock and house until the last one standing falls over.  The official program starts at 23.00 but if you want a seat, get there plenty early because it will be standing (or dancing) room only by time the show starts…. Scottie B


11:15 Welcome & thank you speech
11:20 Kerri Mullen (prose)
11:30 Paul Salamone (prose)
11:40 Talk show with midnight poets:
• Tobias Feldmann
• E.C.M. Tüx
• Adam Collingsworth
• Katya Smeya
12:15 Robert Lewandowski (diary insights)
12:30 Scott Bolden (explorations in multi-perspectivity)
12:45 DJ Skizum & party till break of dawn

The complete session will be hosted by Rasto Lewandowski.  The Midnight Poetry event series is conceived and produced by Katrin Lewandowski.  Please be generous and donate what you can at the event to help keep this free event series alive and growing…

Till Friday! Best, Kat