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Barack Obama Victory Party :: Sat 08/11/08 :: 20.00 :: RSVP

October 29, 2008

After 8 long years of Bush’s oppressive idiocy…. Finally, some Hope!

Please join us in celebrating a victory for Democracy, Obama, America and the rest of the World.  We’ll have a line up of great music and good vibes all night long…  In the spirit of progress, I will be giving a presentation of my Universal Humane Needs Assessment project starting at 20.00 and My America Too stickers will be available all night. Party starts at 21.30, enrty is 2 euro.  BBQ and drinks will be available all night.

Please RSVP in the comment section of this page or via email if that’s how you got this invite; we need to know if we have to open the shop and the gallery to make sure there is enough space for all the revelry.

Dj’s :: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Skizum + special guests

Skizum Studios Berlin – Wühlischstr. 12 – F’hain

Peace, Scottie b


Halloween Party and Art Opening :: Fri Okt 31 :: 20.00

October 29, 2008

Leaders The World Doesn’t Need!

Scaring off all the bad spirits…

click for map

Come help scare off the bad spirits of a crashing global economy and all the leaders who are responsible for it!   Come dressed as a “bad leader” or a “good hero” and battle it out on the dance floor to see who will rule the next era.  The cellar, the shop and the gallery will be in full effect…

Art: Street Art installation: Peripheral Media Projects (NYC) Vs Quality Lovers (Berlin)

Plus: Sam Watson (UK) prints & My America Too gear

DJ: Sebastian Ploessner, Peter Bounce, Skizum & special guests


Listen to Hear :: Session 1 :: Woob2 :: Sun 05 Okt – 19.00 :: Wühlischstr. 12 EG Rechts in F’hain

October 2, 2008


“Listen to Hear” is a new Skizum Studios event series that places the focus on the world of sounds.  For each session, Guest Moderators will have an opportunity to introduce or highlight an artist’s live or recorded work(s) including music, spoken word, sound-scapes, poetry or other multimedia presentations where sound is the primary content.  Guest Moderators are invited to help determine the presentation format and etiquette for their sessions.

Session 1.0 – Woob2 – Moderated by Scottie B (visuals by Mojo)

Etiquette: Doors open at 19.00, Listening session starts at 20.00 sharp, come early for good seats, please no talking during the session.  The play time for this piece is approximately 62 minutes.

cover art for woob2, click for link to discography

cover art for woob2, click for link to discography

Six years ago, a friend of mine in New York turned me on to this album “Woob2” by the UK artist Woob who also goes by the name Paul Frankland.  While listening to this album I was completely swept into a lush and expressive 3D sonic world full of pure emotional and psychological story telling without many words.  The closest thing I can compare this album to is “Darkside of the Moon” by Pink Floyd for it’s impecably produced uninterrupted flow of conscious thought except “Woob2” could be more easily classified as a tribal type of sample based minimal electronica with hints of breakbeat influence.  This album was released only on cd in 1995 and has since become a collectors classic; if you can actually find one that is really for sale between 100 and 150 euro, count yourself lucky…

An abridged profile:
Woob is UK-based ambient-dub musician Paul Frankland, whose albums for Em:t Recordings are among the most praised and encompassing documents of post-rave ambient of the last several years. Incorporating Middle Eastern instrumentation and vocalese with Jamaican dub-style production, tight, snappy breakbeats, blankets of synth drone and melody, and heaps of treated samples and field recordings, Woob is a sort of state-of-the-art snapshot of heavily hybridized post-rave experimental ambient.

Session 1.1 – Moderated by Michael Gardiner

Etiquette: Session starts at 21.30, feel free to move about the room, drink, smoke, meet interesting people and have clever discussions.

Michael is a musician, dj and producer from northeast England who will play some of his original compositions as well as other pieces he feels like playing.

If you would like to be a Guest Moderator for future “Listen to Hear” sessions please contact: scottie.b.skizum(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you or anybody you know would like to present any film, video or photo work at one of our “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later” art salons contact the same address above.