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Shoot First, Ask Questions Later – 20:30 Saturday Sept 27

September 25, 2008
our new facade by UK artist Frank Action Oliver Styles

our new facade by UK artist Frank Action Oliver Styles

“Shoot First, Ask Questions Later” is an art salon series providing film, photo and video artists with a venue to showcase and speak about their work; later we fire up the turntables and move into party mode. This first event features 4 segments.

Segment 1, 21.00 – Celebrating the fallen hero, Larry – presented by Scottie B

"Larry and the Breakfast Mouse" Scottie B

Larry and the Breakfast Mouse

As many of you may know, Larry, the coolest 18 year old cat in the world and Skizum Studios mascot, was slain in battle in late August.  It took 3 large dogs to bring him down and we will miss him dearly so the first part of our new series will be dedicated to remebering our friend in imagery, words and video.  At the end of the presentation, guests in attendance will be invited to offer their own personal reflections about the life and times of Larry.

Segment 2, 22.00 – Michael Gardiner and Sam Watson, United Kingdom

The work presented for Skizum screenings of the AV installation piece ‘Stadtplan’ is part of a new series of work created by artists from North East England, Michael Gardiner and Sam Watson, during a recent residency in Berlin.  The work is an exploration into the ideas and realities concerning urbanism in contemporary culture.

Photo - Warehouse by Michael Gardiner

Photo - Warehouse by Michael Gardiner

‘Stadtplan’ deals with a variety of utopian ideas with regard to mega cities such as Berlin.  Focusing on why tourists and potential residents are drawn from all over the World to a city that is still dreaming of, and  still rapidly making changes towards a bright and commercially viable future.  The project lays emphasis on the fact that as the city’s aspirations and desired clientele change so does its urban landscape.

CIRCA is an artist-led initiative which, through the creation and presentation of new works and research deals with relevant topics in contemporary arts and culture in a global social climate, with a primary focus on networking and collaboration between international artists and groups.

Segment 3, 23.00 – Kira Hagen, USA

Tunisia - photo by Kira Hagen

Tunisia - photo by Kira Hagen

Kira Hagen is a travel and fine art photographer whose work focuses on strangeness, beauty, and mystery. She works both with models in the studio and on location, and shoot stock travel images at locations around the world, especially enjoying archaeological and historical sites from the Middle Ages and earlier. Covered destinations include Germany, Russia, Romania, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Tunisa, the northern US, and the Seychelles Islands.

Welcoming A Whole New Crew For the Fall

September 8, 2008

I just wanted to thank everyone who has been replying to the craig’s list ad and let you all know that there are several very interesting characters who have made contact so the house will have a truly amazing and active set of people soon.

Joe and Angie from northern California have just accepted the first invitation to fill either the back room or the red room starting in October.  They will be online on this blog within a week or so posting all sorts of stuff in anticipation of their arrival.

Maya, from Isreal will be taking the place of Birte (Norway) in just a couple days from now until October 1

Two really talented (film, video, photography, music, concept) Fellows from the UK, Sam and MItch are moving in tomorrow, Sept 9, and staying on until October 9; look for some interesting links and projects from these two gentlemen in the coming days… They will be taking John’s place as he moves in just around the corner with another Skizum Berlin alumni, Gunter.

The last two rooms have been filled by Jill VanEpps, an American painter on a Fulbright scholarship and Philip Venables, a British composer.  Congratulations to everyone and I look forward to living and working with you all the fall.


Scottie b