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WORLDVOTE, Super Tuesday (05.02.08)

January 31, 2008

 map of berlin with i vote sticker

English version below

WORLDVOTE ist ein öffentliches Diskussionsforum, das über die  KandidatInnen der Demo-kratischen Partei im US-amerikanischen Präsidentschaftswahlkampf informiert, diskutiert und tatsächlich vier Stimmen in der Vorwahl abgibt. Die Organisatorin Rachel Brooker und drei weitere Exil-AmerikanerInnen, die in Berlin leben, stellen dafür ihre Stimmen der Gruppe zur Verfügung.
Nach einer kurzen einleitenden Portraitierung der wichtigsten KandidatInnen wird die Gruppe gemeinsam über die Verzüge und Nachteile der einzelnen KandidatInnen diskutieren. Abschließend wird eine Abstimmung über die Verteilung der vier Stimmen auf die KandidatInnen entscheiden. Dabei werden die Stimmen entsprechend der prozentualen Gewichtung innerhalb der Gruppe verteilt. Ab 23:00 werden die ersten Ergebnisse der Wahl in den USA auf CNN vor Ort zu sehen sein.


·         Den Stimmen, die sich in den USA für einen internationalen Austausch einsetzen, soll ein Forum gegeben werden. Es soll ein Zeichen gegen das monolitaristische Auftreten der US-Regierung gesetzt werden.

·         Nicht-AmerikanerInnen, die mit der Politik der US-Regierung nicht einverstanden sind, wird die Chance gegeben, aktiv am Wahlprozess teilzunehmen.

·         Es soll ein persönlicher Eindruck davon vermittelt werden, was es heißt, in den USA zu wählen. Welche Kraft hat eine Stimme, wie wirkt sich das im Mehrheitswahlrecht aus und wo liegt die Grenze des Einflusses?

·         Die Auswirkung einer einzelnen Stimme soll gesteigert werden, indem sie dazu dient, die Debatte anzustossen.

WORLDVOTE will kick off with a public forum in Berlin on February 5th, 2008 (Super Tuesday) in which the gathered group decides how to cast a collective vote in the Democratic presidential primary. Rachel Brooker and several other expatriates from the United States have pledged their votes to the group. WORLDVOTE will start at 7 pm at Wahlkreis, a bar at Reinhardstraße 37, Mitte ( CNN coverage of the Primary returns begins at 11.

• Make a single vote count for more by using it to spark debate
• Even the score by giving non-US citizens, who are profoundly influenced by US policy decisions, a voice in the electoral process
• Give the international public a feel for the subjective experience of voting in the US, and the scope, and limits, of what we can achieve with our votes
• Provide a public example of US citizens working toward international mutuality, counter to the widespread international impression of our politics and culture

At the event, each of the expats sharing their votes will have an opportunity to tell the assembled group how they would vote on their own. Those present who’d like to cast the group vote otherwise will have to defend their choice of candidate. The group will debate the merits of the candidates and then vote. The real votes will be divided proportionally among the group’s top picks.

And of course, this is a warm-up for the big event this fall, when the citizens of Berlin gather to choose a new President of the United States.

The location:

Wann:       05.02.08 von 19.00 – 22.00 Uhr
Wo:          Bar „Wahlkreis”
Reinhardtstr. 37
10117 Berlin-Mitte

Wer:        Rachel Brooker, Laura Weiss, Adam Collingsworth, Scott Bolden
und Teilnehmerinnen

Rachel Brooker, the event organizer, has lived in Berlin since January 2006. She is a dancer/choreographer producing choreography with her company Anima Dance ( in Berlin and worldwide. She’s currently working on a project about being a US citizen: “Oh Beautiful: My Patriot Act” will premiere this year in Berlin. About WORLDVOTE, she says: “I care very much about my country and have struggled over the past years to find a way to express my desire for change. WORLDVOTE is the culmination of that process.”

For more visit

I will bring some stickers and other fun stuff  to the event – Scottie b


Skizum Going Chic :: Bar tausend :: Do 24.1.08

January 21, 2008

click here to listen to a live stream of the dj set at Bar Tausend 24.01.08

click here to listen to a live stream of the dj set at The Pulp Mansion 10.01.08

bar tausend berlin

Well, it looks as though word travels fast… I’ve been invited to play at tausend this thursday. I was there last Saturday and they have a great vibe and they seem to really appreciate a wide variety of groovy styles. Lucky me, I’m the dj so I suppose I’ll get some flexibility with the dress code and my musical selection. Speaking of which, I’m going to dabble with a bit of traditional and acid jazz, lounge grooves and funky selections from the other 4 food groups. It looks like I get a VIP list and a guest list; if you want to know the difference between the two, RSVP to skizum.newyork(at) by thursday morning and I’ll let you know which one you are on.

doors 10p :: live band :: Schiffbauerdamm 11

Mashing it Up at the Pulp Mansion :: Do 10•01 :: Saarbrückerstr. 36a :: 22:00

January 5, 2008

click here to listen to a live stream of the dj set at Bar Tausend 24.01.08
click here to listen to a live stream of the dj set at The Pulp Mansion 10.01.08bild12.jpg

This is what they have been saying about me:

dj skizum (feel free to do your own remix)

Some call him the underground renaissance man, some just think of him as an insane activist genius from New York. One thing is for sure, when skizum is on the decks there’s going to be some booty shakin’ on the floor and minds blown on the way out the door. He has worked his magical mix across Europe, South America and the US blending musical styles from 60’s rare groove and funk straight up to the present day breaks and drum ‘n bass.

I’m sure there is some truth in there somewhere… Anyway, this gig is being promoted as a soul, funk an 60’s night but, I feel some serious deviant behavior coming on…. if want to be on the guest list, just leave me an email identifying yourself + how many at


Scottie b