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Freiheit statt Angst – against internet surveillance

September 26, 2007

This Saturday there was a big demonstration here in Berlin against internet surveillance. These days laws are being passed that allows state surveillance of all electronic communication – that is, sms text messages, telephone calls, emails, internet traffic etc – in the holy name of the war against terror.

We think this is bad because it turns everybody into a terrorist, and the surveillance data will easily be used for other stuff that preventing so-called terrorism. 15.000 demonstrators were there in one of the biggest demonstrations in Berlin since the reactions against the DDR regime in the late 80’s. Here is a video from Saturday:

Go to Hedonist International for more information on up-coming demonstrations – creative, intelligent, fun, peaceful.

Ultimate Dance Party Friday 14. September 22 hrs

September 11, 2007


Yes that’s right we will host another dance party! This time it is at Skizum Studios starting from 10 pm this Friday. If you have music requests just email them to andreas at andreashagerman at gmail dot com or send mp3 files as attachments. It could be something like this: And bring drinks and friends!